User Guide For Medicinal Cannabis Users

Welcome to the Heritage Dispensary Clinic, which is managing The Healing Tree at 529 E. Hastings St in accordance to local laws., proud to be part of Vancouver’s medical marijuana community. Using cannabis as a medicine is part of our shared history dating back to the Pharaohs, King Solomon, Africa, Asia, and all the Americas.  Our role at The Healing Tree is to provide the best varieties of strains of marijuana to our patients, at the most affordable prices possible. We also try to educate each patient about the effects, methods of consumption, and healing properties of the cannabis plant. Remember, we are your resource to learn about everything you ever needed, or wanted to know about medical cannabis. The Healing Tree is here to help you, our patients craft the most effective and cost friendly forms of treatment. We want our patients to live long and pain free or disability reduced lives. Please feel free to ask any one of our staff about any aspect of your treatment that we can help advise you with.

While medicating with cannabis – smoking or vaporizing is the most popular form of ingesting. Using a multi-faceted approach to consumption to treat all of your symptoms is the most cost effective and efficient way to medicate yourself. Using a variety of cannabis products will help prevent you from developing too high a tolerance to a specific method of medicating. The four methods that we advocate at The Healing Tree are vaporizing, smoking, eating, and applying topically. We also have tinctures that allow you to consume your medicine discreetly wherever you choose without producing the odors, or tell tale signs of cannabis consumption. This small introduction to using medical cannabis is our way of helping you educate yourself about the best ways to medicate with cannabis.

Our introduction to medicating with cannabis contains an outline of the genetic variations of cannabis and their effects, plus a guide to methods of consumption. We also provide an introductory reference to the use of medicinal concentrates, topicals, and tinctures made with cannabis

A genetic outline of the ancient healing cannabis plant

Indica – Night Flow –  Sedation, pain relief, relaxation. Night time usage recommended. It is better for anxiety symptoms than depression ones. Indica is a muscle relaxant which reduces inflammation in joints and muscles. It relieves migraines and reduces intra ocular pressure. Indica is the appetite stimulator, bronchio dialator, nausea curing strain of marijuana that gets you ‘stoned’. Kushes and hash plant are indicas.

Sativa- Day Flow –  Mentally stimulating, energizing and uplifting. Increases focus and creativity. Cerebral effect that is good for depression. Sativas get you ‘high’, but have milder pain relieving and muscle relaxing properties than indica. Sativa is the sacred herb of the ancient Shivites and modern Rastafarians. For people with anxiety, we urge caution when smoking sativas for the first time. Skunk weed, Jamaican Collie and hazes are all sativa strains.

Hybrid– A hybrid marijuana strain is a genetically cross pollinated cannabis plant that combines the phenotypes of indica and sativa. Each strain of hybrid will have differening combinations of effects based on its parental genetics. Many legendary strains such as Diesel, Cheese and Chemo are hybrids.

Methods of Medicating with Cannabis

Section 1 : Smoking
Smoking is often considered the most enjoyable and traditional way of consuming medical cannabis. Recent studies have also shown that when you smoke a rolled joint, you also inhale the non-medicinal combustible rolling paper, which can contain carcinogenic material.  Often the nostalgic familiarity and comfort of smoking ‘doobies’, can be a psychological stress reliever that triggers physical relaxation as it activates the body’s response to THC. Water pipes filter out up to 35% of the tar resins in cannabis smoke, but, can create an overly dense and thick smoke that is a respiratory and throat irritant.

Section 2 : Vaporizing
Vaporizing allows you to fully utilize all the medicine in your cannabis without wasting the THC on ‘off burn’ from joints, or having to use water pipes, which can be hard on the lungs. Although the cost of vaporizers may seem prohibitive, the amount of cannabis you use in a vaporizer to medicate is significantly lower than the amount you would need to produce the same effects from smoking. On the same note vaporizing concentrates in boro-silicate and glass pipes is an effective method for treating severe pain.

Section 3 : Eating
Eating cannabis is an effective way to treat all forms of pain, and has a long lasting effect that can provide hours of consecutive pain relief. Eating cannabis is combustion and carcinogen free. Cannabis extract pills and tinctures, are also excellent for patients who want to eat cannabis without ingesting unnecessary sugars, or fats in their diets. Eating cannabis allows the body to ingest THC, which acts as both a pain reliever, and preservative in the internal body, creating a calm high effect in the digestive system, and all over. Cannabis tea is also good for a calming high. Edible medical cannabis can be quite strong, and tolerance to edibles varies widely, so we always advise patients to start with a quarter dose of our medibles when first trying a specific product, so they can learn its potency, and see how the medicinal dosage affects them.

Section 4 : Topically Applying
Cannabis can be absorbed through your skin. Cannabis infused moisturizers, cold presses, balms, and healing lotions are very effective and safe ways to ingesting cannabis. The balms can be used to treat muscle and joint pain, and are a very effective method in treating localized nerve pain. The topical application of cannabis increases blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. It is good for blood clots and circulatory issues. The cream will not get you high or stoned. It is safe for non-cannabis users who want to reap the benefits of medical cannabis without experiencing the psycho-active aspects.

Concentrates and Tinctures
Concentrates – The supremely potent form of cannabis, extracts the glandular trichomes, and other analgesic resins from buds, and condenses the cannabis core medicinal ingredient THC. Concentrates are the modern forms of marijuana medicine in treating extreme manifestations of pain, everything that is over a 6 on the pain scale including skeletal deformities, nerve pain, chronic joint or muscle pain. Based on the Rick Simpson experiments of treating cancer with small daily doses of cannabis concentrates, we recommend consuming concentrates to any patient trying to fight cancer with cannabis. The three most common concentrates of cannabis are:
(i) Butane Honey Oil, THC trichome extract, the most potent medicine available.
(ii) Water processed ‘bubble hash’ – a powerful, organically made analgesic hash.
(iii) Traditional Hash – A composite blend of THC and naturally occurring resins.
(iv)Tinctures- Orally ingestible forms of cannabis medicines which provide full body pain relief. Applied sub-lingually under the tongue, tinctures are THC extracts diluted in oil for oral consumption. Since the days of Confucius and Ceaser, oral cannabis extracts have been used by humans to relieve pain.

Relax and Enjoy

It all seems quite complicated but 2 simple rules of thumb will help guide you safely while using medical cannabis.

1. Always believe your nose. Recent studies on users of medical cannabis found a reliable predictor of a specific strain of cannabis effect on a patient, was the patient’s reaction to the smell of that cannabis. Marijuana is high in terpenoids, the molecules that make herbs like oregano and flowers like roses smell.  Our bodies are able to tell us what medicine will be most effective for us by giving us positive reactions when we ingest the terpid chain into our scent receptors. The weed you think smells the best is most likely the best for you.

2. Educate and monitor yourself. Learning about different methods and strains to treat your ailments, is the best part of being in a cannabis club. By keeping a journal of what effects, the different strains, and methods of consumption have had on you, you will be able to create your own optimal treatment plan. Welcome to The Healing Tree – relax and enjoy.

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