Free Marijuana Delivery In Vancouver & Surrounding Areas

Some days you just need to stay home, smoke a bowl, and unwind in your own space. Other days your friends show up and you want to enjoy some high times together but you’re running short. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed a bit already and cannot drive. Whatever the case, The Healing Tree dispensary is a judgment-free zone, and we’re here to help all of our members live happier healthier lives.

Free Same-Day Delivery For Members

Membership is free and doesn’t require a prescription. You just fill out a short online form and upload a copy of your government-issued ID, and you’re done. You can place orders online or by phone, and you pay when you place the order. When the driver arrives with your order, you just show them your ID and that’s it. There is a minimum order amount, which varies depending on how far you are from our Vancouver locations. Within Vancouver the minimum is only $20 to get free delivery. Other areas are shown with their minimums on our delivery area map. If you’re outside of our courier delivery area, you can get mail order service!

More Products To Choose From

Though our inventory varies by availability, we typically carry more than 30 varieties of sativa, indica, and hybrid flowers and leaves. The cannabis flowers and marijuana leaves we sell are unprocessed, so they retain their natural nutrients and potency.

We also deliver concentrates and vapes, a range of topicals, and CBD products for people and pets. If you’re in the mood for edibles, you’re in luck! All of our edibles are produced by reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and consistency. From gummies and hard candies to our chocolate bars, and iced tea to olive oil infused with indica or sativa, there’s something for every taste. We even have chocolate-covered bunny pretzels and freezies!

Give Us A Call For Free Marijuana Delivery In Vancouver

We’re always happy to hear from you, but you actually don’t even have to call! You can order online, if you’d prefer! Once you’ve got your free membership, you’re all set to order for free delivery in the greater Vancouver area, and if you need to order when you’re farther away, we offer nation-wide mail order service, too!

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