CBDYou Wine Gummies 150mg


CBDYou Wine Gummies 150mg

One container – $30.00

30 gummies x 5mg cbd 

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CBDYou Wine gummies are great for

Muscle Recovery:

CBD greatly assists in muscle healing by reducing the inflammation that comes with post-workout recovery.

Pre Workout:

A great way to address pain and soreness before it starts, as well as get a motivating boost of energy.

Pain Management:

Natural and effective management for routine aches and pains as well as persistent chronic ailments.

Post Workout:

CBD is a great way to reduce the inflammation that occurs post workout without inhibiting the muscle fibers.

Sleep Aid:

Having a well rested body and mind is essential to a healthy, active lifestyle. CBD can be an effective sleep aid.

Alertness & Motivation:

Many people report having an uplifting energy after using certain CBD products. It can be a natural and safe way to motivate.