Edible Marijuana Products

The Healing Tree's edible marijuana products are a popular alternative to cannabis smoking and inhalation. Our treats are a discreet, convenient, and a delicious way to experience the effects of cannabis. Marijuana cookies and other edible marijuana products offer a different high than smoking; many say it is more calming and relaxing and lasts longer than the high attained through smoking.

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Usage and Dosing

Edibles are suitable for recreational and medicinal use, but they may affect you differently than inhaled cannabis. In most cases, the high comes on slower and lasts longer. Accurate and appropriate dosing is a must if you are new to edible marijuana products.

Not sure how to determine the appropriate dosage for your needs? Just ask! Our professional staff will be happy to help you choose edible products that will help you relax, manage pain, attain a high, or experience marijuana in a different way!

Our Products

We carry a variety of THC-infused edibles from marijuana cookies and brownies to candies, gummies, and even cannabis-infused olive oil! Many of the bars and candies are scored or easily divisible for accurate dosing.

Our products are manufactured by Canna Co., Green Rock, and Green Goddess. All three companies are well-known and respected cannabis edibles manufacturers.

All edibles are available for in-store purchases or delivery.

Benefits of The Healing Tree's Edible Marijuana Products

  • Easy Dosing

  • Discreet and Tasty

  • Wide Variety of Products

  • Professional, Knowledgeable Staff

  • Your Privacy Guaranteed

  • 3 Convenient Vancouver Locations

  • Delivery Available

Visit The Healing Tree at any one of our 3 Vancouver dispensaries to try edible marijuana products or call us at 604-559-9600 to arrange delivery.