The Healing Tree Online Menus

Our online menus of The Healing Tree currently hosts three separate menus, one for each of our location in order to provide members with the best quality and selection available when utilizing our mail order program. Members can browse and order from  our 529 E Hastings menu, our 21 W Broadway menu and now our 8188 Champlain Crescent Menu.  Each one is unique and tries to cater to it’s geographical walk in patients.  Since they most readily provide feedback information.  So if there is something you want your store to carry make sure you communicate those wishes.  We are here to help serve you best.  We have made changes so now you can order from the menu page and the appropriate location will be notified of your order.  This should help reduce order errors and time.


Note: A $20 charge is included with all mail orders. Orders received and paid for before 2:00 PM (PST) will be shipped same-day. Due to health concerns, The Healing Tree does not accept mail order returns. All sales are FINAL once confirmed by the customer.

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