Would You Like Free Vancouver Marijuana Home Delivery?

Okay, dumb question. Who wouldn’t like free, same-day Vancouver marijuana home delivery? The real question is, would a premium dispensary that offers one of the best selections of top-quality legal marijuana products in BC and free same-day delivery earn your loyalty? We’re pretty sure it would.

The Selection And Quality You Want

When you’re looking around for dispensaries that offer weed delivery, are you finding the selection and quality you want? Some shops focus on flower and bud, and they’ll typically offer a few varieties each of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Sometimes, they can give you information about the sources of their product and sometimes, they can’t. It can be hard to have confidence in the consistency and quality you’re going to get. When you work with a premium weed shop, they should be able to tell you which growers the product came from, its genetics, and whether or how it was processed. Unprocessed flowers and leaves have more of their natural nutrients and potency, so you get the best and most consistent effect.

Since choosing and joining a dispensary is the beginning of what we all hope is a long-lasting relationship, you may also want to consider the rest of the range of products available to you through your chosen provider, because your needs may change in the future. If you’re working with a dispensary that covers the full range of products, from smokeables and vapes to edibles and topicals, accessories, and even pet formulations, you know they’ll have you covered today and months or years down the road, too.

Can Your Dispensary Deliver, No Matter Where You Are?

 Some days, you may want to go into your dispensary, talk to the staff, see what’s new, and spend some time browsing. Other times, you just want to shop online or phone in an order for same-day weed delivery. What if you’re out of the area for a while, maybe for work or for school? Does your dispensary offer flat-rate mail order delivery nation-wide? You shouldn’t need to start over building a relationship with a new dispensary or pay exorbitant shipping rates to get the product you know and trust delivered.

A Trustworthy Source For Vancouver Marijuana Home Delivery

The Healing Tree has been a trusted source of legal marijuana products since 2013, and we provide our members with Vancouver marijuana home delivery seven days a week and free of charge with a minimum order. Whether you want to shop in person or online, our team of friendly experts can answer any questions you may have and make recommendations for various products you may enjoy and benefit from trying. Membership is free! All it takes is filling out a very short online form and a copy of your government-issued ID, and you’re set. Members receive a discount on their first order and periodic discount codes to use online or in-store, and access to our sampling events and giveaways! Contact us to learn more about getting free same-day delivery of top-quality, legal marijuana products in the greater Vancouver area, and flat-rate mail delivery nation-wide!

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