We will not be closing in April!

A few of our members have expressed concern over the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation program, which has replaced The Marihuana Medical Access Program (ending on March 31). Come April 1st, licence holders will only be allowed to purchase dried cannabis via mail order from a small number of large-scale producers.

That being said, there are currently no plans to close The Healing Tree. Vision Vancouver counsillor, Kerry Jang, has been quoted as saying:

“A), there is no way that we can enforce shutdowns; b), we don’t even know where they are,” he told the Straight in a telephone interview. “They are going to try and shut down every legal grow-op, but they’ve provided no support to us as municipalities.” (Georgia Straight, Oct 2013)

Jang expanded his comments in a separate interview with The Province, saying:

““We were told there would be zero resources for enforcement,” said Jang, “so mayors basically said, ‘You got us into this mess, you get us out.’” (The Province, Jan 2014)

Time will tell how these law changes will truly affect us and our members, however until any further announcements have been made, The Healing Tree will continue to operate and ensure our members are receiving the best care.

Should you have further questions regarding these law changes, we suggest you contact your local MP’s office.



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