Top 5 non-smoking ways to administer medical marijuana

We all know that medical cannabis can be smoked via pipe, bong, joint, etc. It is the most popular, widely used method of cannabis. However, many patients are apprehensive about combusting plant matter and taking particulates into their lungs. A valid concern and one we take very seriously at The Healing Tree.

Thankfully, there are many different ways to administer marijuana, without touching a flame at all! Below, we’ve listed some of the more interesting items we carry at The Healing Tree


honey oil

BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil. This is a powerful concentrate made from dissolving cannabinoids into a solvent (often butane) in order to extract a very thick, sticky “oil” which contains high levels of THC. It is also often referred to as “Honey Oil”, “Dabs”, “earwax” or “shatter”, depending on the method of manufacturing.

while BHO can be smoked the exact same way as bud, it has gained great popularity with the advent of “vaporizer pens”. Here, the BHO is loaded into a pen-sized vaporizer (almost exactly like an “E-Cigarette”) and the vapour is inhaled. Patients appreciate the ability to medicate in public, without disturbing others around them with the often unpleasant aroma of smoke, in addition the the added health benefit of a cleaner, more controlled dose.

The Healing Tree offers a dab bar at its newest location; definitely something to try, if you’ve never experienced it before. Pain relief like you’ve never experienced before.But don’t take our word for it. Ask Whoopi Goldberg



By far the most well-known method of medical marijuana use, “edibles” are the easiest way to get strong pain relief from your cannabis.

THC is fat-soluble. This means that it can be extracted out into high levels of fat (such as olive oil, butter, etc.), when cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time. Depending on the quality of the marijuana, this will produce a very THC-laden fat, which can then be used in many cooking applications.

One of the best tips for eating edibles? Eat slowly, chew thoroughly. Always start with a half and consult your bud tender if you’re concerned about dosage. Even single dose edibles can be very strong, especially for first time users.

Diabetic or watching your weight? Medibles also come in the form of capsules. These caps can be as potent, sometimes more potent than your average cookie/brownie, but dosage can be much more controlled.



Tincture is a cannabis extract in liquid form. THC, while fat-soluble, can also be extracted via glycerol or alcohol. It comes in a small bottle with a dropper for administration. When taken alone on the tongue (sublingually), effects can be felt in minutes. Tincture has the added benefit that it can be effortlessly mixed into a beverages (however, effects will take longer to take hold, as it will need to run through the digestive system/liver, like regular medication).

Topical creams

Salves_SLetts (2)sized

Despite cannabis having a reputation for its psychoactive properties, it is not commonly known that when applied topically as a cream, has the same abilities to treat muscle aches/pain, chronic soreness and skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The active ingredient is extracted into a fat-rich ingredient, such as coconut oil. Should you have allergies to such things, always just with your bud tender about the non-medicinal ingredients.



While not technically smoking, “vaping” is the act of heating dried marijuana to a temperature that does not combust the plant, but vaporizes the remaining moisture in the plant. This releases the THC into the vapour, which is subsequently inhaled. The benefit is that there are absolutely no carcinogens are inhaled and 95% of the THC inhaled, will be absorbed.

Patients often prefer vaporizing for the obvious health benefits, but additionally for the stronger high for less inhalation. It is recommended for those who cough easily or who don’t wish to inhale smoke. As well, we have also had migraine patients come in and rave about how quickly their head pain dissipates with the use of a vaporizer.

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