Save Big With Medical Cannabis Deals

Medical marijuana may be readily available all over Canada, but it can also be a little on the expensive side. Finding medical cannabis deals is a great way to save on your medical marijuana costs. Learn how The Healing Tree Dispensary can help you save big.

The Kinds Of Medical Cannabis Deals Available

Medical cannabis deals will vary from dispensary to dispensary. Here are some of the different medical cannabis deals you can look for to help you save on your medical marijuana costs:

  • Coupon codes
  • Free delivery
  • Membership benefits

Find A Dispensary That Offers Membership Benefits

Many medical marijuana dispensaries offer special money-saving benefits to customers who become members of their business. These membership benefits may include:

  • Special coupon codes for online orders
  • Free delivery with a certain order amount
  • Birthday freebies or specials

One thing to keep in mind is whether or not the membership is free. If you have to pay an annual or monthly fee for a dispensary’s membership, it might not be worth it. The Healing Tree Dispensary offers a free membership program with special deals for our customers.

The Healing Tree’s Medical Cannabis Deals

The Healing Tree is all about helping our members save on their medical marijuana costs. We proudly offer every new member of The Healing Tree family a special new member discount on their first purchase just for signing up with us. As we mentioned before, our membership is free of charge. So, you don’t have to worry about paying a pesky annual or monthly fee to reap the benefits.

Besides our special new member discount, our other medical cannabis deals range from daily discounts to monthly prize giveaways. We also offer our members free delivery and a nation-wide mail order program with flat-rate shipping.

Plus, our helpful staff is always happy to offer their expert advice on finding the most cost-effective products for your specific condition.

Become a part of The Healing Tree family and start enjoying our medical cannabis deals today!