RE: Strains – Death Star (Indica)

The Healing Tree carefully curates our product selection with the intention of providing the best strains for a wide range of medical issues that can benefit from cannabis treatment.

To that end, we want to spotlight when we can and provide our members an easy guide to some of our more popular strains . These strains are for patients who need strong/heavy relief. Consider our spotlights, “Extra-strength”!

This week, we take a look at Death Star.


Developed in 2001 by “Team Death Star”. After a spotlight article in High Times’ Feb 2010, it attracted a lot of attention from dispensaries. By 2004 it had risen in popularity in many dispensaries in the US. It is a Sour Diesel/Sensi Star cross.


Inheriting a tangy, fuel-like smell from one of its crosses (Sour Diesel), its scent is reminiscent of menthol rubber. Hints of sweet lemon also come across. The aroma is very pungent, both pre- and post grind.


Very similar to the scent, it tastes vaguely sweet, with an earthy, citrus undertone. Smooth and easy to smoke.

Medicinal Properties:

Excellent for those suffering from Anxiety, Migraines, ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, PTSD. Expect to feel extremely relaxed and happy. Those looking for pain relief and anxiety relief would benefit from this. Depending on the time of day and mood of the patient, this strain may couchlock and put you to sleep.Those with low-tolerance will find this a great evening toke, and those with high tolerance will find this an adequate daytime smoke for relaxation.

What does our staff think of the effects?

Our intrepid staff at 529 East Hastings took the time to quality control this product and had this to say:

“We sent it in for testing, and discovered it has a THC content of approximately 22%. Burns clean and has a very nice heady effect. Works great on my stiffness and back pain. I think would be fantastic for any kind of tension. Definitely great headache relief.” – V, Manager at 529.


Check out pics of the strain on our Instagram account!



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