Privacy Assured When Buying From Our Vancouver Online Weed Dispensary

There’s still something taboo about buying weed. Although we’ve made great strides in marijuana use and acceptance and new stories are coming out almost every day about how medical marijuana has changed someone’s life for the better, it’s still not something most people are comfortable admitting to using.

That’s why buying medical marijuana from a Vancouver online weed dispensary remains such a popular way to purchase cannabis products. Mail order marijuana is convenient, discreet, and much more accessible for those who don’t have easy access to a dispensary.

A Safe, Legal Way To Obtain Medical Marijuana

Even when medical marijuana is prescribed by a physician for the treatment or management of a disease or condition, it can still be difficult to actually GET the weed. Sometimes there aren’t any dispensaries convenient to your home or workplace. At other times, the medical condition makes it difficult to travel to a dispensary. Buying from an online weed dispensary is the perfect solution to these problems.

Yes, it is safe to order marijuana online from a dispensary. Yes, it is legal because you have a prescription. Yes, it is private because orders are shipped in discreet, vacuum-sealed, packaging. All orders arrive via Canada Post and cannot be interfered with by the police without there being a national security risk – which pot is not.

Your Privacy Means As Much To Us As It Does To You

We deeply respect our customers’ privacy. Phone and online orders are handled with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We are in the business of helping people feel better and that isn’t confined to providing you with high-quality marijuana in Vancouver. It also means treating your right and taking steps to manage your concerns before you ever place an order with us.

For added security and privacy, we only accept eTransfer payments. Each payment is accompanied by an order number and password and communication is via email, ensuring further protection and privacy. Orders are shipped out via Canada Post’s recommended best practices and tracking numbers are included with every order. No one will be able to tell what is inside your package as there is no identifying logo or product information visible.

How To Buy Marijuana From Our Vancouver Online Weed Dispensary

The Healing Tree offers medical marijuana delivery and mail order service to all of our members. Ordering is easy!

  1. Become a member of The Healing Tree. It’s simple! Just fill out the registration form and submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID. Once approved, you can start shopping!
  2. Shop at Anything that you see on our website can be ordered and shipped directly to you, anywhere in Canada.
  3. Send payments through eTransfer and wait for your delivery!
  4. All orders are shipped via Canada Post in non-descript packaging. You’ll receive a tracking number so you can keep tabs on your package.
  5. The Healing Tree also offers delivery in the Vancouver area!

Get started today! Browse the products in our online store or visit one of our 3 Vancouver dispensaries to shop in person!

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