Online Medical Marijuana Delivery Ensures Privacy, Boosts Convenience

You’ve got a prescription for medical marijuana now you just need to figure out how to fulfill it. Dispensaries are the obvious choice since they provide a safe, legal way to gain access to the marijuana you need to manage your condition. While you can visit dispensaries in person to fulfill your marijuana prescription, most also offer online medical marijuana delivery and we have to say, this is the way to go if you need to have an order filled.

5 Benefits Of Online Medical Marijuana Delivery

  1. Selection. Anytime you shop online you’re going to find more selection than if you visit stores in person. The sheer number of marijuana dispensaries in Canada guarantees a wide variety of cannabis products, some of which you may not be able to find in your city. Online shopping means you’ll be able to find the exact type of cannabis you need, in the correct format, and at the proper dosage. There’s no need to make do with whatever the local dispensary has in stock or can get in for you.
  2. Pricing. Like selection, you’ll find more pricing variety online. Different products, varieties, and quantities mean a wider range of prices. Not only that, you can find specials, sales, and deals online that aren’t available at the local shop.
  3. Privacy. Online medical marijuana delivery is much more discreet and private than visiting a dispensary in person. If you are concerned about someone seeing you visit a dispensary and worried about the effect that could have on your reputation, online shopping makes much more sense. When you shop with a dispensary online your information stays private and no one, not even the delivery person, knows what’s in your package.
  4. Convenience. Shopping online is convenient for everyone, but especially so for patients who are homebound or for those who do not live near a dispensary. Perhaps your condition limits your physical abilities or maybe you suffer from anxiety or depression and have a hard time getting out of the house to place your order. Those who live in rural areas may not have convenient access to a dispensary. In any of these situations, the convenience of online medical marijuana delivery is welcome.
  5. Time-Savings. Shopping online saves time too. You can shop 24/7 from the comfort of home instead of having to drive to a dispensary during working hours, find parking or pay for public transit. It’s also often quicker to add items to your virtual shopping cart than it is to browse through everything in the dispensary. As long as you don’t mind waiting for the post to arrive, there’s no reason to leave your home to fulfill a marijuana prescription.

Visit The Healing Tree In Person or Online For Medical Marijuana

If you are looking for a trusted dispensary to fulfill your medical marijuana prescription, look no further! The Healing Tree is a BC-based dispensary with 2 Vancouver locations. We offer online medical marijuana delivery via Canada Post. Our complete selection is available both online and in-store and our knowledgeable staff are just a phone call or email away.

Visit us at or in person on Hastings Street or Broadway in Vancouver. Call us at 604-559-9600 with any questions! We are here for you with THC and TLC!

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