Need Access to Mail Order Medical Marijuana? The Healing Tree Delivers Across Canada!


As medical marijuana dispensaries across Canada continue to face a crackdown from multiple levels of government, the Healing Tree is working harder than ever to provide mail order medical marijuana to validated patients across the country. It is our goal to provide the best medical marijuana products available in Canada, and as customers continue to be denied the right to choose their own medicine we at The Healing Tree will continue to do all we can to take care of patients in need.

Has Your Dispensary Closed?

We understand dispensaries across Canada are facing tough times, and with that in mind The Healing Tree will continue to offer temporary memberships to any customer that can provide a dispensary membership card and valid photo I.D. This membership will give new members 30 days to obtain their medical letter of diagnosis in order to receive a full membership, all of which is absolutely free! Those unable to visit one of our Vancouver locations can email us a copy of the same documentation to receive a membership with The Healing Tree. See our sign-up page for details.

Mail order medical marijuana available online through both our 21 W Broadway dispensary and 529 East Hastings dispensary. Shop today! 

Living Outside Vancouver?

In addition to offering temporary memberships to existing medical marijuana users, The Healing Tree will be ramping up its mail order marijuana program in order to provide patients across Canada with the medical cannabis they need. New members will now receive a 10% discount off their first purchase as a welcome gift from everyone at The Healing Tree. Read out Mail Order FAQ for more information.

Have a medical letter of diagnosis? Sign up today using our online submission form! 

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