How we became a top 10 dispensary in Vancouver

It is no news that The Healing Tree dispensary Vancouver is one of the top dispensaries in Vancouver. This was no small feat and it took us a number of years to acquire the winning formula that pushed us to top 10 ranking.

In this blog post, we want to highlight some of the key steps we took to become one of the top 10. We hope this guide can be useful to you if you are starting up a dispensary in Vancouver or anywhere else in the country.

You might be thinking that starting up a dispensary is effortless but we can assure you that this is so far from the truth. You are not only competing with numerous cannabis stores but you also have to ensure that you have the best product lineup, from medical marijuana to CBD products and high quality concentrates.

Get a Business License

Medical Marijuana is legal nationwide but this does not exempt you from going through the process of starting a business. You still need a valid business license to start a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver or nationwide. Once you have completed the process of legalizing your business, its time to move on to step 2.

Open a StoreFront

There is no point in opening up a business if your customers can’t find you. In order to operate a successful dispensary in Vancouver, you need to open an attractive storefront where your products are on display for your customers. The choice of layout is completely up to you although it makes sense to make your most popular products (which is almost always medical marijuana) very visible to your customers.

Create a Website

In order to maximize your visibility, you will need to create an online presence. One of the best ways to create an online presence is by having a website. Not only does a website open up a new stream of customers for you, but it also allows you to serve your customers without having them come to the store. In addition, if you have savvy marketing personnel on your team, they can help you leverage your online presence through SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Furthermore, having a website will enable out of town customers looking for dispensaries in Vancouver to find you.

Offer Delivery Services

Vancouver is notorious for its rain and sometimes this discourages customers from coming into the store to pick up their medical marijuana. Asides from the rain, some customers still aren’t comfortable picking up their product from a dispensary.

Offering delivery services to your customers can be a game-changer as you still have the opportunity to cater to customers who can’t make it to the store. At The Healing Tree, our home delivery services cover most parts of the Vancouver area and we charge a small delivery fee depending on the location of the customer.

Offer Mail Order Services

A great way to serve customers who cannot physically come to your dispensary in Vancouver is by offering mail-order programs. Mail Order services open up your dispensary to a larger nationwide audience. If you are curious about mail order services and how they work, please take a look at our mail order program and find out how we can mail medical marijuana to wherever you are in the country.

Be generous – Send coupons to customers

Who doesn’t like a good deal eh?

Finally, offer more value to your customers by sending coupons and discount codes periodically. By keeping tabs on your customers, you can tell who hasn’t patronized your business in a while and you can always send an incentive to buy in the form of coupons. This act of generosity has been proven to be one of the easiest ways to keep a loyal customer base.

We hope you have been able to learn a few things from this guide and hopefully replicate it and start seeing increased conversion for your dispensary in Vancouver or nationwide. Of course, we did not reveal all our trade secrets. It is up to you do your research and see what works for you.