Got the munchies? Eat this!

What if there was a magical fruit that could strengthen and lengthen the duration of your medical cannabis effects? What if there was a way to help more rapidly potentiate the active ingredients in marijuana, without pharmaceuticals?

o hai.


Anecdotal evidence
shows that eating fresh, very ripe mangoes, drinking a fresh mango smoothie or eating a handful of dried mangoes one hour prior to medicating (either smoking, vaping or eating) will dramatically increase the euphoric feelings felt by marijuana and help medical cannabis patients achieve better pain management. This is because a chemical compound known as myrcene terpenes can be found within pot as well other plants such as lemon grass, hops and, of course, mangoes (the riper it is, the more myrcene terpenes). Myrcene terpenes are often used in perfumes, which is why these types of plants often have unique aromas. This is also one of reasons different marijuana strains have different scent profiles (a good reason to always smell your goods!).

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By eating a mango (which, by the way, has approx. 135 calories and is fat free), the myrcene terpenes enter the blood stream. Later, as you toke, the terpenes assists the THC in passing through the Blood Brain Barrier at much faster speeds with much more efficiency. The time it takes for THC to have an effect on the brain after inhalation is roughly seven seconds. However, with the terpenes,  the time it takes for THC to reach the brain and have an effect could be cut in half and the length of the high and its time duration could be up to twice as long. Many chronic users  who have tried this, report that the analgesic and euphoric effects of cannabis are pointedly more intense than usual. Definitely a benefit to those who suffer from more extreme medical issues.

Even without the myrcene terpenes, mangoes are an amazing fruit. In addition to supplemental hydration (mangoes are 82% water), mangoes are a low glycemic index food (meaning it’s great for those looking to watch their weight and control their blood sugar levels) and they contain 12% fibre (feel fuller faster!). Furthermore, the polyphenols found in mangoes are associated with lowering blood sugar levels and combating inflammation, reports Medical Daily. In another study, Dr. Susanne Mertens-Talcott of Texas A&M University found that the polyphenols in mangoes prevent an inflammatory response in cancerous and non-cancerous breast cells in mice, which ultimately reduces the growth of tumours and breast cancer cells.

If you wish to read more about myrcene terpenes and their symbiotic relationship with marijuana, please check out this video:

Also check out this article, Marijuana Terpene Testing. It details the more scientific aspects, in addition to touching on a fascinating subject called the “entourage effect”.

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