Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Oil In Vancouver

Cannabis oil is becoming quite popular, especially in Vancouver where marijuana is now legal. Learn everything you need to know about cannabis oil in Vancouver, including how it is made, the different types, the products that contain cannabis oil, and the many ailments it can help relieve.  

What Is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is extracted from the different parts of the marijuana plant, including the flowers, buds, seeds, stalks, and leaves. Cannabis oil can be extracted in one of two ways:

      Steam Distillation

      Seed Pressing

The method of extraction depends on the type of oil being created.

What Are The Different Types Of Cannabis Oil In Vancouver?

There are two types of cannabis oil:

      Marijuana-Based Oil

      Hemp Oil

While each oil has the same goal of helping alleviate medical ailments, they each work a little differently due to their different THC and CBD levels.

Marijuana-Based Oil

Marijuana-based cannabis oils are created from high-quality buds. Because they are extracted directly from buds, they are higher in THC and lower in CBD.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted directly from the seeds and stalks of the marijuana plants. These oils are lower in THC and higher in CBD than marijuana-based oils.


Who Should Use Cannabis Oil In Vancouver

Like The Healing Tree’s other medical marijuana products, cannabis oil offers relief for a variety of ailments. Cannabis oils are wonderful for those who need to manage their:

      Loss of appetite

      Asthma symptoms

      Chronic pain


      Stress levels


      Eye health

Managing Your Loss Of Appetite

Cannabis oil can be very helpful for anyone who is having trouble managing their loss of appetite, often due to chronic conditions or chemotherapy. It works as a stimulant and increases your appetite allowing you to eat more and get the nutrition you need.

Alleviating Asthma Symptoms

Cannabis oil not only helps alleviate asthma symptoms, but it is also a great alternative for asthma sufferers because it doesn’t irritate your lungs as smoking medical marijuana can.

Relieving Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis oil is an effective pain reliever, it works especially well on chronic pain, like arthritis. When used topically, it can also help with painful psoriasis and eczema.

Sleeping Better

Getting enough sleep is vital to one’s well-being. Cannabis oil is a great solution for those suffering from insomnia. It’s relaxing properties can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

Reducing Stress Levels 

Stress can wreak havoc on the body. The relaxing effect cannabis oil has can help to greatly reduce stress and anxiety.

Improving Eye Health

Studies have shown that cannabis oil can not only help alleviate glaucoma, but it can also help protect against developing it and other eye issues in the first place.

How To Obtain Cannabis Oil In Vancouver

Cannabis oil can be purchased by itself or found in other formats, like topicals, edibles, and vapes.

Whether you would like to use cannabis oil by itself or consume it in another medical marijuana product, The Healing Tree can help. Visit one of our Vancouver dispensaries, give us a call at 604-559-9600, or head to our online store to see our different cannabis oil products.