Consumption Tips For Marijuana Cookies And Edibles

Consuming marijuana has long been a popular way to experience the effects of the plant. Who hasn’t made the occasional brownie joke? But cannabis consumption has come a long way from sneaking some buds into your favourite recipe. Today, consumers have plenty of choices as to how they get their high and edibles are becoming an increasingly popular way to do that.

Safe Edibles Consumption Tips

If you’re a regular marijuana user, you may have your own edibles horror story. Using quality weed, perfecting the cooking method, and getting the dose right can be tricky if you’ve ever tried to make your own marijuana cookies or treats. Too much and you feel like you could sleep for days or begin to wonder if you’ll ever come down from your high. Too little and you’re ready to write it off as a waste of good weed.

Edibles are a very popular alternative to smoking or inhaling weed, especially for newcomers or those with medical conditions. Ingesting marijuana cookies is less intimidating and safer for your lungs than inhaling weed and the consumption of cannabis has been shown to boost the appetite, manage chronic pain, and elevate the mood for a longer period of time than smoking. Here’s how to get the most from marijuana edibles:

  • Don’t rush it. Ingested marijuana is metabolized differently than an inhaled joint. The results can be more powerful and longer lasting but typically take longer to take effect. That means you need to give the edible time to be digested and enter your bloodstream to feel the effects. One of the most common problems that people experience when first starting edibles is eating too many, too quickly together. When first starting, wait and see how you feel an hour or so after eating the edible before trying another one.
  • Don’t eat on an empty stomach. Eating edibles on an empty stomach will get you high faster, but the downside is that CBD absorption is slowed. That means THC effects can be more pronounced, which can cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Eating food after eating marijuana cookies, gummies, or other edibles won’t help. Eat first.
  • Start small. Edibles come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll need to pay attention to the dosage. A reputable dispensary will specify the recommended dosage on each product, but it’s a good idea to start with half the recommended amount and see how you feel before progressing to a full dose.
  • Purchased products are safer than homemade goodies. Marijuana edibles from dispensaries are regulated. That means you know what you’re getting in every product, every time. It’s much harder to gauge potency in homemade items, even more so if you didn’t make them yourself.
  • Snack with a buddy. If you are new to marijuana edibles, we recommend trying them for the first time with a friend. There’s no telling how an edible will make you feel and the last thing you want is to go on a bad trip all alone. Try edibles in a safe place with people you trust who can help you through it if things go south.

Enjoy Marijuana Cookies With Caution

Keep in mind that ingesting marijuana is not the same thing as smoking it. Don’t assume that because you are a longtime user that you can jump right into high potency edibles without any ill effects. Marijuana cookies and edibles can be an extremely effective way to experience the benefits of medical marijuana, but it’s always better to play it safe. Snack smart!

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