City Of Vancouver Announces Healing Tree Dispensary Board Of Variance Meetings

The City Of Vancouver has officially informed The Healing Tree regarding two of our dispensaries and their pending Board Of Variance meetings. On July 13th around 3:30 at Vancouver City Hall both our 21 W Broadway and 529 East Hastings locations will plead their cases regarding the zoning regulations currently facing both of our stores.

Support from members and the community will be great appreciated as we attempt to work Vancouver to find an acceptable zoning solution.

July 13th, Vancouver City Hall, approximately 3:30 PM

Vancouver Board Of Variance notice

We ask members of  the community and The Healing Tree itself to please attend this crucial meeting as we ask for a zoning variance in order to continue to serve the local community with the medical marijuana access they desire. Over recent months we have made large-scale design and security changes to the store including a locked security door, new gates, a 24/7 surveillance system, and more in order to best protect the community and regulate the age and legitimacy of our medical marijuana patients.

Those wishing to attend or show support at our Board Of Variance meetings are invited to sign our petition at our 21 W Broadway location or contact us at either location regarding how best to show your support. We look forward to seeing you in-store and at City Hall on July 13th.


Most of all, The Healing Tree would like to thank all of your for your continued support. We look forward to working with the City Of Vancouver in order to best serve the community while remaining upstanding members of the business community. 

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