Beginners Guide to Concentrates: What is Dabbing?

While we prepare for our first Dab ‘n Draw Night (which you should totally come to!) enjoy this primer on Dabs.

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Taking a dab is the latest and some say greatest way to consume cannabis concentrates these days. But what is ‘dabbing’? Simply put ‘dabbing’ is a slang term used to describe taking single dose hash hits of concentrates that are referred to as oil, errl, earwax, wax, budder, or shatter using pipes and bongs that are made specifically for smoking these cannabis extracts. The pieces are designed to have a skillet or nail that made from glass, quartz or titanium that is heated with a handheld torch, the user then ‘dabs’ a small of the extract onto the hot nail causing the concentrate to flash into a vapor that you inhale.

Concentrates that can be dabbed are made using various methods some of which included butane, CO2, or isopropyl alcohol . These extracts are made by blasting the solvents through the plant material then the chemicals are purged out. There are also solvent-less methods that use ice water or dry ice to extract the euphoric nectar of the stoned Gods. Just like there are many ways to grow your weed, there are many different ways people are finding to concentrate their product and it is taking medicating to a whole new level. These concentrates are what you hear referred to as oils, waxes, budders,and shatters and each one has its own consistency and method of being made.

Oils usually have the consistency of molasses and are most often amber in color though you can get some really beautiful golden oil if you are looking to spend a few more duckets. It is becoming more apparent to me that dispensaries are starting to shy away from oils more and more because they are typically made using butane and the dispensary would prefer cleaner methods like Co2 or even better solvent-less and that is why you’ll see them focus more on other concentrates like waxes, butters and shatters.

Strawberry OG Wax close up

Waxes I’ve notice can range in a appearance more so than other dabable concentrates. You can get a wax that looks like crumbly candle wax and has a creamy color but you can also get wax that looks like wet sugar with a transparent amber color to it; it all depends on the method used and of course the strain that the concentrate is being derived from.

Budders are usually creamy in color and have a texture similar to butter that you would spread on your toast. This concentrate is almost like a paste; it won’t crumble into little pieces when pressure is applied like waxes do when you poke it with your dabber.

Shatters can range from dark amber to very light yellow in color and are very transparent like glass. When cold, shatter will flake off into little shards when scraped with your dabber but when a little warmth is applied it becomes malleable like taffy…

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