Become A Member To Take Advantage Of Medical Cannabis Deals

Did you know that members of The Healing Tree receive access to exclusive medical cannabis deals? From the very first day you sign up, you’ll receive a discount on medical cannabis and related products at The Healing Tree! Membership is free and open to anyone age 19 and older.

Why Do I Need to Become a Member?

The primary reason why we require customers to become members of The Healing Tree is to verify ages. Medical cannabis can only be sold to people who are over 19 years of age. Membership also makes it easier to track your account and purchase history, making future purchases quicker and delivery faster. We also really enjoy getting to know our customers! Membership makes it possible for us to develop deeper relationships with our customers and expands The Healing Tree family.

Benefits of Membership

Members of The Healing Tree gain access to top-quality cannabis along with plenty of information and recommendations on medicating with cannabis from our knowledgeable staff. Our medical cannabis deals range from daily discounts to monthly prize giveaways as well as access to our nationwide mail order delivery service. And don’t forget about our sign-up discount! New members always receive a welcome discount on their first purchase.

Experience Healing Tree’s Personal and Professional Service

Being a member of The Healing Tree isn’t just about getting the best medical cannabis deals in Vancouver. It’s also about ensuring you are getting quality cannabis and the right cannabis for your needs.

Medical marijuana is available in many different forms from leaves, buds, and flowers to topicals, edibles, tinctures, and vapes. Anyone new to medical marijuana will need help figuring out what strain of cannabis is best for them and how to take it. The Healing Tree provides that service for our members.

We are one of the most trusted resources for medical cannabis in Vancouver, ranked in the Top 10 of B.C. dispensaries by Leafly and rated #3 in Vancouver based on customer feedback. Your comfort and satisfaction with your medical marijuana are very important to us which is why we provide extremely personalized service to our members. We want you to experience relief from your condition as quickly as possible. That means obtaining the right variety, type, and application of cannabis from the start. Our strong relationships with customers help make that happen.

Contact The Healing Tree at 604-559-9600 or visit one of our Vancouver dispensaries to learn more about our products and services and to start taking advantage of our medical cannabis deals!

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