5 Ways To Consume Weed In Vancouver

As the medical and health benefits of marijuana become more well-known, its’ use more socially acceptable, and legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana approaches passage, we’ve seen an uptick in questions about how to use weed in Vancouver. To help newcomers sort through their options, we’ve pulled together some information on your weed options.

5 Ways To Use Weed In Vancouver

How you consume cannabis can have as much effect on the benefits you experience from it as the type, quality, or quantity of weed you consume. Weed can be inhaled, eaten, or applied topically and there are several ways to do so in each one of those categories. Here’s a look at some of the formats you’ll find weed available in and how to use them.

  1. Flowers. Marijuana flowers and buds are unprocessed for maximum medicinal and nutritional benefits. Flowers and buds can be cooked in food, made into tinctures, or inhaled via a joint, blunt, or pipe, bowl, or bong. Smoking delivers the quickest results but can aggravate your lungs.
  2. Edibles. People that don’t want to smoke marijuana or who want to experience longer-lasting and stronger effects choose edibles. They are often used to manage chronic pain. Edibles are pre-made marijuana-infused foods, drinks, and even pills. The effects of edibles are usually not felt right away since they have to be digested first, but once they are digested, look out! The effects can be quite a bit stronger than inhaling weed. Beware – it’s harder to track the amount of marijuana you’re consuming unless you buy edibles from a dispensary.
  3. Concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are extracts that are much stronger than the flower. Concentrates can be dabbed, eaten in ingestible oils, vaped, or used in hash or oils.
  4. Vaporizers. Vapes don’t burn marijuana, they heat it. This releases beneficial components like THC, CBD, and cannabinoids without the harmful toxins that can result from burning weed. It’s a safer, cleaner alternative to smoking weed, but delivers many of the same benefits. You’ll have to match your cannabis product (flower, concentrates, oils, etc.) with the right vaporizer.
  5. Topicals. Oils, soaps, lotions, bath bombs…yep, you can use weed in any of these topical applications. Topicals don’t enter the bloodstream making them non-intoxicating. They provide pain relief directly where applied. They are a popular treatment for headaches, cramps, muscle inflammation, and tenderness.

If you have always wanted to try marijuana for your medical condition but shied away from it because you thought it had to be smoked, now is the time to explore your options. Today, there are many, many ways to experience the effects of marijuana safely and in a manner that best meets your needs.

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