3 Ways Marijuana Use Has Changed since the 70s

That 70's Show

The last 10-15 years have been very kind to da Kine and it’s no longer widely accepted that it is a “gateway drug” or that it’s even a dangerous drug to begin with. With state after state legalizing it all over the US, it’s only a matter of time before Canada decides to catch up. Public statements from Presidents have gone from “I did not inhale” to “I inhaled frequently”. Cannabis use has changed a lot over the years, and here are just a few examples:

1. There isn’t only 1 kind of weed.

Ask anyone to generalize the feeling you get when they’re high and they’ll say “It makes you sleepy” followed in close 2nd by “It sort of makes you paranoid if you smoke too much”. When you think about it, these two comments are on either ends of a mood spectrum.

Makes sense, since marijuana can generally be split up into two catagories: Indica & Sativa. The former promotes body relaxation; that “stoned” feeling. Sativa strains, however, promote concentration and energy. However, it can have the side effect of anxiety, which is why Indica strains are generally more available at dispensaries.

However, what if you need the properties of both? That’s where hybrid strains come in. Much like “tangelos”, hybrid strains are crosses between the two types. This gives a patient limitless options to try, in order to find the right ratio for themselves.

2. Medical Marijuana has it’s own Yelp (That also doubles as WedMD!)

If you’ve ever visited THT or even just browsed our site, you’ll see references to Leafly everywhere.

Leafly is an amazingly comprehensive and intuitive site that many medical dispensaries partner with, for its helpful services. Here, a patient can narrow down their search for strains based on their medical issue. Not only that, but they can also find dispensaries in their area that carry the strain they’re looking for and how much they carry it for. Furthermore, it’s community driven, in that patients may create profiles to review dispensaries AND strains.

Whether you are a daily toker or a newbie, this site arms you with the information you need.

3. There is pot that you can’t smell now

BHO Table

Over the past few years, E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular as nicotine becomes increasingly UNpopular. To kick the habit, many use these E-cigs that produce vapour (which looks just like smoke), and has little to no smell at all. Thankfully, there are similar items made specifically for marijuana products, as well.

One such product is called “BHO” or “Honey Oil” or “wax”, which is Cannabis concentrate. A single vial of it, can be as strong as an 8th of weed. The THC content of most strains of marijuana falls into the 15 to 25 percent range. The THC content of wax/oil, on the other hand, usually falls into the 65 to 90 percent range. Big difference. It’s like the Fourloko of Cannabis.

Vape Pen

You simply load the oil into the E-cigarette and puff away. People have been known to use them in amusement parks, malls, even movie theatres, with none the wiser. These “vape pens” (so-called because vapourize the oil, rather than combust it) deliver a strong, discreet hit of pain relief without disturbing those around you.

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