10 Lifehacks for Medical Marijuana Patients

Everyone loves life hacks and medical marijuana users are some of the most creative “hackers”. In today’s blog, we’re going to show you 10 of our favourite Cannabis-related hacks:

1. 10 seconds is the longest you need to a toke

Studies have shown that 7-10 seconds is the min-max amount of time you should hold your breath, in order to absorb an  optimal amount of cannabis into your lungs. Any less and there will be loss when you exhale, any more and it will just contribute to added smoke particulates in your lungs. The extra head rush you may feel by holding it in longer is simply oxygen deprivation.

2. Clean your empty cone with the end of a plastic spoon. It fits perfectly.

Cashed Cone Marijuana

3. Clean your pipe quickly by placing it in a ziplock bag with some sea salt and rubbing alcohol. Shake. Rinse. Repeat.

Cleaning Glass Pipes 

4. Maintain your tolerance by not “waking & baking” (if you can)

Always give your body some time to rest from a session, in order to stave off high tolerance. Daily tokers don’t fear! Many believe that as long as you leave 4-6 hours between sessions, your tolerance should not rise rapidly. Waking & Baking is lovely once and awhile, but doing so can make feeling relief later in the afternoon and evening a little harder. High tolerance is not only hard on your wallet, but hard on your body as well. Everything in moderation.

5. Wrap black construction paper around your  jar to prevent exposure to light, keeping your bud fresher for longer.

Cannabis jarConstruction Paper

6. Attach a magnet to your bong and never search for the lighter again. (Stolen from r/trees)

Magnet Lighter

7. Make a ghetto grinder using a empty pill bottle and a penny.

Penny Grinder Weed

8. Switch up your strains.

Your body can become accustomed to the same strains if you smoke them regularly. This may lead to diminished quality of effects; mixing it up helps bypass tolerance a bit, and lets you explore potential beneficial strains. Perhaps you may discover a strain that’s perfect for an issue that you didn’t even know medical cannabis could help you with.

9. Schedule your sessions around meal times.

Other than the obvious benefit that your subsequent meal will taste divine, you’ll also cut down on potential over snacking. Worst case scenario, pop a mint in your mouth, it’ll hold off the munchies until you can get a meal in you. If there was ever a good time to binge snack on a veggie platter (with low-fat dip or none at all)…


10. Drink coffee if you medicate during the day.

If you’re smoking a particularly couch-locking strain during the day, have a cup of coffee. The relaxing effect of cannabis will keep the jitters at bay, and will leave you feeling motivated.

Bill Murray Coffee Drink

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