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Welcome to our blog THCene the source for the latest news and information about The healing Tree. We will be here to discuss the mail order marijuana system, dispensary updates, cannabis information, strain discussions, and much more! Follow along for the most up-to-date content covering the world of medical cannabis, from our stores to your home. Whether you’re into smoking regular dried cannabis or edibles, tinctures, or capsules, the THCene is here to provide you with the most up to date information. We want our clients informed in order to allow them to make an informed decision regarding their medical needs and regimen. Follow along below for future updates and be sure to follow The Healing Tree on Twitter and Facebook for additional updates regarding the wide world of medical marijuana, and all its wonderful forms.

Recent Store Updates

The Healing Tree is now 4 locations with one in Newfoundland.  We really are expanding and growing.  The Hastings Location has it’s License and is fully operational.  The Healing Tree wants to bring healing supplies to our beloved pets with the all new pet lines ups coming soon so stay tuned.



Animal Products

Animal Products at The Healing Tree Your favorite Animal products are coming to The Healing Tree.  We know that our beloved pets deserve all that we can give them.  Please come into 21 W Broadway and ask for more details.  You can also contact us here.

First Winner

The First Winner in New Healing Tree Lottery On Feb 2, 2017 we had our first winner in The Healing Tree.  Our Patient Number 561 won 15% off his purchase.  You can tell from that smile he’s a happy man with this win.

Elijah’s Strain Of The Day Feb 3

Elijah’s Strain Of The Day @21 w Broadway Girl Scout Cookies – Strain of the Day A cross between Durban Poison hybrid and OG Kush Gives of a great euphoric uplifting feeling, if you’re sad, depressed or even stressed this is a must for you. This is hands down my favourite strain out there. It Read More >>

Appreciation Day

Appreciation Day FEBRUARY 14 Attention to all Members That’s right you heard it here Appreciation Day for all The Healing Tree members on Feb 14.  We Want you all to come in and joy a nice picture of yourself and a love one.

Property Owners

Property Owners Wanted The Healing Tree is looking for property owners who want to open a store in their are.  So Please call 604 336-5600 and ask for Tony.

THT Lottery

THT Lottery Welcome to the New THT Lottery COMING SOON!   This is a new deal accessible to all our members.  There will a random drawn number every day from the patient Pool.  We will then give a random gift from the pool or possible a lifetime %off all your purchases.  So please stay tuned Read More >>

Free Delivery

Free Delivery Free Delivery to the Vancouver Region.  For more information contact us here.

Cross Marketing

Cross Marketing – Want to Partner? The Healing tree is always looking to expand.  To this effect, we are looking for businesses that we can work on cross marketing plans that will be mutually beneficial.  Please contact us with all of your inquires.


Recipes Wanted Recipes are wanted at the healing tree.  We are expanding our products and want your recipes.  I know there are some chefs around here that can’t wait to see what our friends and patients bring in.  We will be sure to share the best of them.  Bring them in and discuss the possibilities.  Read More >>

Investors Wanted at The Healing Tree

Investors Wanted Large and Small Investors Wanted.  No investment to big or to small.  There are a lot of possible opportunities for growth.  Come in and discuss some of our ideas in the works and see what might be of interest to you.  Please fell Free to Contact Us.